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To cover up lying and deception, expect a liar to practice more lying and deception, even in a court of law. In some countries today, France and Italy are examples, court respondents may not be placed under oath, because it is assumed they will lie. It’s the nature of the venue. In the United States, litigants in court cases are required to swear to tell the truth, but every veteran liar knows that this is mere ritual and not a standard to which s/he will be held to account.

For some personality types, lying may be standard operating procedure: both a default offense and defense. Even backpedaling and improvisational lying are obfuscating, which is effective both in court and out of it.Tiffany Bredfeldt, a chronic and unrepentant liar, exemplifies such a personality. More to her shame, she holds an advanced degree in science and has been employed as a senior-level government toxicologist.

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